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If you didn’t get OatC Tickets…

Please remain calm. Leaky has spent SO MUCH TIME and effort planning this event. If they could squeeze everyone into the park, I know Melissa and Stephanie would make it happen in a heartbeat. But logistically, it is just not possible. 
Despite what you may think, the Leaky staff are NOT mean people. They truly care about putting on the best conference possible. You totally have a right to be disappointed, but please do not lash out on them or. There were over 1,500 people trying to use a website and register at the same time. 
Keep in mind that you can still get regular park tickets for about $20 less and spend more time there during the day. There isn’t much going on at Leaky on Wednesday, so that would be a great alternative to do during the day.

Well there’s my two cents, so back to our regular memery. DFTBA. 

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Let’s get Dylan “Free Hugs Guy” to LeakyCon!

Taking a break from our usual memery to let all y’all know that Dylan Dodson, AKA Free Hugs Guy, is trying to fund his way to LeakyCon this year. Money is really tight for him, so he won’t be able to make it this year if he doesn’t raise the necessary funds.

If you have been to any of the past 3 US conferences, you will know that Dylan is a staple attendee. He embodies the spirit of LeakyCon every single day and his positivity is infectious. If you have ANY money whatsoever to send his way, please do! LeakyCon would not be the same without him!


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Top 10 Reasons Why Hank Green Won’t Be At LeakyCon

10. It’s the same weekend as a Golden Girls marathon.

9. He is allergic to the state of Florida.

8. He has to officiate French the Llama’s wedding.

7. He’s worried John Travolta will butcher his name while introducing him at a wrock show. 

6. His book club is meeting to discuss Twilight.

5. He’s been cast as an extra in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

4. Lindsay Lohan hired him as her new sober coach. 

3. He’s contractually obligated to appear at another plumber’s convention.

2. He couldn’t find anyone to feed his hanklerfish.

And the number one reason why Hank Green won’t be at LeakyCon is:

1. He forgot to be awesome. 

(Just kidding, Hank. You are still pretty awesome)

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Welcome William Hartnell to LeakyCon!

On the 23rd of April, 1975, the world supposedly lost a legend, William Hartnell, the very first Doctor. Years and years had gone by with the world learning to accept his loss and to move on with life, until today. 

We are pleased to announce that we have exclusively discovered the secret location of William Hartnell’s cryogenically frozen body (a la Walt Disney) and have been working hard on developing the proper technology to revive him (thanks for the tips, Phil Coulson!). We intend on reawakening him during the Opening Ceremonies this year and introduce him to the legions of fans his legacy created.

Although he doesn’t know it yet, he will be partaking on several panels and will be the DJ at the Esther Earl Rocking Charity Ball.

Please join us in welcoming William Hartnell into the LeakyCon family, and into the 21st century! 

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